Listed amongst the world’s top 20 most seasoned travellers, Reza Pakravan is an explorer, filmmaker and author. His documentaries and books combine epic journeys with social and environmental issues, and they have taken him to some of the most beautiful, dangerous and remote regions of the world. His TV series have been broadcast worldwide, on networks such as the BBC, Channel 4, Fox, Aljazeera, CBC, YLE and SRF.

Originally from Iran, the former City-financier’s thirst for living life on the edge has earned him the Guinness World Record for crossing the Sahara Desert by bicycle. Reza has also cycled the length of the planet from Norway to South Africa (detailed in his book and TV series Kapp to Cape), cycled the Annapurna Circuit in the Nepalese Himalayas, and walked the Patagonia desert.

His most recent TV series, Transamazonica, saw him travel the length of the Amazon rainforest, highlighting the environmental destruction so prevalent in the area, and how it has affected the lives of the indigenous people and the isolated tribes who call it home. In September 2017, Reza travelled through Iran to feature in the Channel 4 prime-time series From Russia to Iran.

He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and has received a prestigious Lloyd’s Charity Award for his work building six schools in Madagascar. Reza is an engaging speaker and has spoken all over the world, most notably at three TED conferences.



“Yet for every scrape with death, the explorer has a myriad of unforgettable and

life-affirming experiences.”

– The Independent