Reza is an engaging speaker and has spoken in various conferences and corporate events in three continents notably 3 TED events.

His inspiring human story focuses on the true value and the unforeseen opportunities that often come from, taking risk. His talk resonates with many individuals either in life or business, in particularly start ups, using stories of his expeditions and various situations he encountered to provide a spectacular original case study, of how to overcome fear of failure by embracing risk-taking.

His talks mainly focus on fundamentals of thinking and behaving that enabled him to set his world records against all odds. He analyses similarities between extreme physical adventures and the challenges that we are facing in the new era, overcoming difficult times and self-doubt and a call to arms that nothing is achieved without being bold enough to begin it, effectively “You don’t achieve your dreams by playing it safe”.


Reza Pakravan – Public Speaking Show Reel from Reza Pakravan on Vimeo.


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