Reza Pakravan is an adventurer, filmmaker & author.

His recent expedition of crossing the Amazon rainforest along the Transamazonian highway, broadcasted as a 6×30′ series by Fox International and soon will be on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

In 2013, Reza cycled the length of the planet from Norway to South Africa, a 102 days journey of over 11,000 miles, aired as a 4 part series all over the world by various networks notably Fox, Outside TV and Travel Channel and now available on DVD. His book Kapp to Cape was published by Summersdale in the UK, US and Canada.

In 2011, Reza set the Guinness World Record for cycling across the Sahara Desert, which was aired as a short documentary by the BBC World. 

After retiring from professional basketball 15 years ago, Reza has poured out his energy into adventure travel. Since then he has conquered the summit of Mount Sabalan in Iran while carrying his bike and walked the Patagonia Desert. He cycled the Annapurna Circuit in the Nepalese Himalayas, crossed Atlas Mountains in North Africa and experienced humble living in a remote village in Madagascar. Reza has travelled and filmed all over the world and he is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. 

In 2012 he was listed amongst the top 20 world most seasoned travellers by Men’s fitness magazine. He is an engaging speaker and has spoken in three continents notably 3 TED conferences. 

Reza is a patron of NGO Azafady and has received a prestigious Lloyd’s Charity Award from Lloyd’s of London for his work of raising funds for building schools and promoting education in Madagascar.


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