Transamazonica, Day 48 – Are we in the Andes or the Alps?

We might possibly be in the weirdest town in the world.

Its name is Codo El Pozuzo. But don’t let the Latin name, nor the fact that it sits right in the heart of Peru, fool you. Because this might as well be half the world away, nestled amongst Alpine foothills.

And, in a figurative fashion, it kind of is. Over a century ago, the Peruvian government issued an invitation to the government of Germany. Would they, the invitation asked, fancy sending some of their own to this distant part of the Amazon to settle it and build a town in the Andes?

And do you know what the Germans said? Jawohl!

An assortment of 200 German and Austrian citizens came, and Pozuzo is the result.

We cycled into it in a daze. People strolled the streets in full Oktoberfest regalia; guesthouses flew the German flag; people spoke to each other in a strange Teuton-Hispanic patois.

I don’t know if it was a singular event or a regular occurrence, but just as we booked into a guesthouse, a German student on an exchange program to Pozuzo informed us that we were just in time for the dance, and would we like to watch?

What else could we say? Nothing but jawohl!

And so, deep in the Peruvian Andes, dining on bowls of goulash, we sat and watched as a group of students and locals performed a series of intricate and decidedly Germanic dances.

We might possibly be in the weirdest town in the world.

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