Reza was joined by journalist Phillippa Stewart to cycle the 4,000km length of the Trans-Amazonian Highway.

As they journeyed from Brazil to Peru, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, they passed through some of the most remote land on Earth, discovering along the way the perils faced by the Amazon and by those who call it home. Their journey was at once horrifying and enlightening, and always unique. Laced with both danger and beauty, it brought them to some of the most enigmatic tribes in the world, and some of the most hostile environments.

This series follows Reza and Phillippa through it all, and exposes not just the reality of their journey, but the reality of the Amazon as a whole. Compelling, entertaining and shocking, Transamazonica is a fast-paced ride into the heart of the jungle, and it is both informative and gripping.

KAPP TO CAPE – (2015 – 4 x 30′)

Story of Reza’s journey cycling the north to south length of the planet in record time. “Kapp to Cape” turned to 4 part T.V series and was aired on Fox Channel, Outside T.V and Travel Channel and has since been shown on networks internationally and now available on DVD on Amazon. Directed by Arash Ashtiani, co-produced by Samarcanda film “Kapp to Cape” became Reza’s first full production experience.


Kapp to Cape from Reza Pakravan on Vimeo.









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