Deal with Zodiak Rights

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Very pleased to announce, I have just entered a representation agreement with Zodiak Rights in relation to my new series “Iran Behind the Curtain”. ZR will be presenting the series to various networks across the world seeking commissioning opportunities. This came on the back of our meeting in MIPCOM in October last year. Very excited to about this cooperation and hopefully we can get this series commissioned.











Samarcanda Film has finalised two new broadcast deals with FOX International and the Bike Channel. Viajar is a Spanish channel owned by FOX and will be broadcasting Kapp to Cape over the coming months. Very excited that the series made it to Spain. The Bike Channel is a newly stablished channel dedicated to bike, broadcasting in UK and Italy through Sky and Virgin Platforms.





Couple of months ago Adventure Film Festival got in touch and informed me, Kapp to Cape has been selected for the festival and also they would like to screen it during the premiere night at Vue Cinema Leicester Square on 1st December followed by Q&A. I was chuffed. Although cutting 20′ version of 120′ series was a painful experience, we managed to do our best with the editing and highlight the most interesting parts.






















Last nigh during the screening was the proudest moments of my life. It was so amazing to finally celebrate the success of the film with my lovely friends who supported me all the way. We have been talking about the experience and the film but no one has actually seen it before.

Two other films were incredibly amazing. The first film was Crossing Papua chronicling an amazing journey by Patric Hutton and Richard Johnson who went from north to south of the country on foot and boat. Fascinating. The second film was The Last Explorers on the Rio Santa Cruz, which was the story of an amazing journey by two of my friends and fellow adventurers Tom Allen and Leon Mccarron. They were the last people to travel the length of isolated Santa Cruz river on horseback before a series of dams will flood the entire area and this wild and beautiful place will be lost forever.

Great questions from the audience and amazing reception of the film. It was one of the happiest moment of my life.





Very excited and pleased to announced that Samarcanda Film has just finalised the new deal with YLE Finland for Kapp to Cape Feature length version. This is the 8th Broadcaster that will be broadcasting the show.





I am currently preparing to attend MIPCOM in October 2015. Attending the event together with Samarcanda Film, various meetings has been scheduled to present two new exciting TV series for commissioning and co-production.


Log line:

Reza is planning to return to Iran, going behind the headlines; on an incredible anthropological  adventure journey on roads less traveled. His journey of a lifetime will take him to tucked-away places in different corners of the country to uncover mysteries of this diverse land’s tribes, cultures, landscapes and cuisines. Along the way he will be participating in some of the most enigmatic rituals on earth. Teaser

KILL CARLOS – 12×30′ 


When I met Carlos Mesber for the first time in Rome while I was producing Kapp to Cape, I would never have imagined one day we will end up working together. Carlos is an amazing individual with a great story. During his early years in Venezuela he studied to become a dentist. However when he graduated, he decided to turn his back to a secure path and embrace his dream of working in television. Couple of years later he stated his TV career as an actor in soap operas. Later on his ambition brought him to Miami where he started his own production company and produced his first cooking show with him being the presenter of the show. Carlos now runs High Hill Entertainment, producing various TV shows for Latin American channels including Tele Mondo.

Watching some of Kapp to Cape footage, Carlos was fascinated by my journey and since then we have been contemplating to do an adventure journey together. Finally we set our eyes on taking on an epic journey from Miami, Florida to Caracas, Venezuela under our own steam using non-motorised vehicles. The series will be following the journey through Southern US and Latin America, showing  fun and struggle in this epic journey. Along the way we will be encountering all kinds of hilarious situations as well as our friendship will be put into test, as we will pass some of the most dangerous places in the world. Fitting gastronomical experience and humor into an adventure journey is a new creative angle that “Kill Carlos” will be aimed at.

Samarcanda Film and High Hill Entertainment will be hosting an event in MIPCOM 2015, presenting the show.




Shooting Kill Carlos



I have just return from a 4 days trip to Miami. Well I wasn’t there for Jolly. I went there to shoot a teaser for a new series called Kill Carlos. Its a 12 Episode travel show, featuring Latino TV chef Carlos Mesber and myself travelling through Americas by different means of travel.

It was the first time I was working with such a big production crew and has been a great experience. The production is scheduled for late 2017.