In 2010, Reza teamed up with his trusted friend Marco to cycle the almighty Annapurna Circuit (APC) and see the entire Nepal on mountain bikes. They cycled off road over rocky terrain which resembles the Tibetan plateau and got through Mustang District. After passing through so many suspension bridges and Buddhist villages they successfully made it to Pokhara. During solo part of Reza’s trip, a Maoist protest brought Nepal to a standstill for seven consecutive days. All roads were blocked. Nothing was moving, not a single car, truck or motorbike. Shops were all closed. Even elephants were grounded.

Nepalese roads which are normally really busy were absolutely empty. Only ambulances were on the road made it perfect conditions for cycling. But after four days of cycling on empty roads with climbing 2,000 meters over 57 kilometers of road, his food and water supplies had dwindled to a dangerously low level. Out of water and emergency ration packs with no where to get supplies, thirsty, hungry completely pale with no where to get supplies Reza nearly passed out on the side of the road. Eventually after few hours he was rescued by a shepherd. The journey finished in Kathmandu while the Maoist upraising still continuing.


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